Super Simple Treats: Simmered Figs with Pistachios

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Shared this super simple recipe on my instagram last week and decided to make it official on the blog. All you need are some figs (I used frozen figs from Trader Joes), a bit of coconut milk or cream (less than 1/4 C should be fine), and some fresh shelled pistachios. Place the figs and the coconut milk in a small skillet. The amounts are really up to you, but you want enough milk to allow the figs to comfortably simmer for at least 5 minutes without starting to sear. Cover the skillet and put over low heat. After about 3 minutes or so, once the figs have begun to soften and the sugars have started to release, remove the cover and continue to let simmer until the milk has evaporated. While the figs are cooking, chop pistachios to your desired liking. Once figs are done, transfer them to a small bowl and sprinkle with pistachios. So easy and delicious!  

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