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My Workout this Week – 8 Min AMRAPs with Cardio Tabata Intervals

Hey guys!  Quick post of gym my workout from this week. It was a toughie but goodie. 40 minutes of work. Cardio and strength. Choose your weights appropriately.  For 8-MIN AMRAP simply set your timer for 8 minutes and go through the sequence until your […]

Cardio Ab Row Machine Workout

Hello lovlies!! As I tried to convey in my last post, life is a bit crazy at the moment. The good news is that despite the reality that this semester is going to be absolutely insane, I feel really good about it. I’m on campus […]

The Weekend + Full Body 30-Minute Workout (with tabata cardio intervals)

Ciao Ciao, I’m including these photos mostly because the rest of this post is extremely text heavy but also to tell you guys about my exciting urban hiking adventure on Saturday. I found this group of hikers on meetup and decided to join them for […]