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Matcha Green Tea Chia Pops

It’s hot! Cool off with these summer simple, yummy popsicles. 

Super Simple Treats: Simmered Figs with Pistachios

Shared this super simple recipe on my instagram last week and decided to make it official on the blog. All you need are some figs (I used frozen figs from Trader Joes), a bit of coconut milk or cream (less than 1/4 C should be […]

Coconut Cherry Dessert Rice

Ciao ciao,  I’ve been making this dessert in varied versions for the past few months and I finally decided to post it. It’s so simple that it never occurred to me to posted but then I realized that super simple can be a good thing […]

All Natural Mango Raspberry Sorbet with Coconut Flakes and Olive Oil

So I thought I would just share this little gem of a snack. Super simple. Super satisfying as a dessert or treat. No yucky added sugar. Just nature’s goodness.   

Blueberry Peach Crumble

Bonjour mes amis, Now that I’ve gotten in the habit of updating on the go, I thought I would get this post going as I head to the gym. This WordPress iPhone app is so handy! Anyway, I come to you with deliciousness. Last week […]