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Advantages of Strength Training

Many women avoid strength training. This is often for one of three reasons, if not all three. Some women love going to the gym and enjoying classes or hitting the cardio machines but are terrified of going over to the weights area. They see huge […]

20-Minute AMRAP with Row Machine

  9 Squats 12 Deadlifts  15 push-ups 18 overhead lunges (I used weighted bar overhead) 500m row  

Crush The Gym: Common Templates to Design Your Gym Workouts

I recently received a message from a college friend asking for advice about getting into the gym. She said that she was completely new to working out and was unsure of where to start. While it’s really easy for me to create my own gym […]

My Workout this Week – 8 Min AMRAPs with Cardio Tabata Intervals

Hey guys!  Quick post of gym my workout from this week. It was a toughie but goodie. 40 minutes of work. Cardio and strength. Choose your weights appropriately.  For 8-MIN AMRAP simply set your timer for 8 minutes and go through the sequence until your […]

Getting the Most out of a Quick Workout

My workout routine has been a bit weird this week. On both Monday and Wednesday, I failed to get in my morning workout and ended up having to squeeze one in during my lunch break at the writing center. Since I only had 45 minutes […]

20 Minute AMRAP Row Machine Workout

I’m really trying to get in the habit of updating more. I also create my gym workouts in the “Notes” on my phone and then never blog about them. Here’s one that I did a few weeks ago and it was awesome …. in that […]