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Mexico City: Part 2

Hey there! Back with part 2 of my recap of my trip to Mexico City. I had originally planned for there to only be two parts but I started writing and I realized just how much there was to say. I keep these posts somewhat […]

Matcha Green Tea Chia Pops

It’s hot! Cool off with these summer simple, yummy popsicles. 

Make a Summer Bucket List

Summah summah summah time… Summer has arrived! As a forever student, I have the fortunate pleasure of summer vacation and it’s always so timely and welcome. I was listening to the most recent episode of the Happier podcast this week and they brought it to […]

Summer2014: Palermo and Santorini

Now that I’m down to only two more hours of my eight-hour flight from Dublin to Chicago, I thought I’d get started on my next post. Hopefully reminiscing about my time in Sicily and Greece will help these last couple of hours fly by…. After […]

Summer2014: Rome

I’ve been really lagging on the blogging lately. I realized that I really hate typing extensively on my iPad and it’s been a detergent to me making updates. I’ve been typing notes on my iPhone for some, what I hope will be, fun travel-related posts […]

First Post from Abroad!

Hello hello! Feels so good to be posting. I’ve been having trouble logging into WordPress on my iPad due to my lack of technical savvy but I finally figured it out. I’ve been in Amsterdam for 10 days now. So crazy to think about. Only […]

40 Days, 7 Countries, 1 Carry-On, Unlimited Possibilities: Part One

As many of you know, I will be doing a bit of traveling this summer. My journey will begin in Amsterdam a week from today and though I’m really excited about both the academic and personal adventures that are to come, I’m also a little […]

Summer Commencement / San Francisco

As of Thursday at 12:13pm, with a click of the “SEND” button on my gmail account, I finished my first year of graduate school. Only 4-6 more years to go folks! Even though I still have the bulk of my educational journey ahead of me, […]