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10 Things to Do in Sarawak, Malaysia

I’m officially booked to head back to Asia in March and I’m having the hardest time choosing the countries and cities that I will visit. Since I will definitely be going to Singapore, Malaysia is a STRONG contender for counties that I might visit before […]

Bucket List Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Who doesn’t love getting away to the beach? The sand, sea, and sun always seem to perk us up and help us to feel better once we’re back on home soil. We can swim, sunbathe, read to our heart’s content and even drink cocktails on […]

Staying Active While Traveling + Empack Workout

For some, going on vacation is an opportunity to get away from our responsibilities, including our workouts. For others, being on vacation affords us the opportunity to revel in our workouts without the stress of having to work around other commitments. It’s also a chance […]

Falling Sick Abroad: How to Get the Help You Need

Photo Credit Traveling abroad should be a great adventure. It gives you the chance to explore some great countries and make memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. However, there might sometimes be when your foreign travels don’t always go to […]

Three Days in London / Oxford, UK

Today I bring you the third and final recap of my Spring Break 2017 travels, featuring London and Oxford. I initially just planned to go to Portland for a few days but then I got word that I’d been selected to present at a conference […]

Three Days in Portland

I am currently on my way back to Los Angeles after a refreshing three days in Portland, Oregon. Portland has been on my list for quite some time. After toying around with some other, more grandiose, travel options for Spring Break, I finally decided that […]

Mexico City: Part 3

Hey guys! Back for the last time to finish up my recap of my trip to Mexico City. It’s been so fun reliving this experience through writing and photos. If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2, I highly recommend that you go check […]

Mexico City: Part 2

Hey there! Back with part 2 of my recap of my trip to Mexico City. I had originally planned for there to only be two parts but I started writing and I realized just how much there was to say. I keep these posts somewhat […]

Mexico City: Part One

Greetings from the Mexico City airport! I’m currently waiting to board my flight back to Los Angeles after spending five lovely days in the fifth largest city in the world. I’m really happy with all that I got to do and see in this five […]

My Weekend in Denver

Hi guys!! I just got back from a lovely weekend in Denver and I wanted to write a little about my experience while it’s still fresh. A few weeks ago, I decided that it was in my best interest to get out of LA for […]