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I Dream of Cuba

With all that’s been happening in society, I find my wanderlust bug itching more than ever. I have a few short trips planned between now and September but nothing grandiose on the docket at the moment. Since I’m not sure what my next big trip […]

Missing Your Flight / How You Know the Yoga is Working / Being Grateful

Early on this Monday morning, I missed my flight from San Francisco back to LA. Thinking my flight was at 8am, I set my alarm for 5:10am to give myself time to shake out the kinks, walk to Bart from where I was staying, and […]

Travel Snacks

Hey peeps!  I’m currently gearing up to head to LAX for a quick flight up to San Francisco. One of my homies from NYC is coming over for work so I’m going up to hang out with him for the weekend. This should be my last […]

NorCal Weekend Getaway

Hey guys! I just made it back to LA from a lovely weekend up North in the Bay. I finished TAing my summer course last Tuesday and I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate and regroup taking a weekend getaway. I love going […]

Pros and Cons of Traveling Light

Ciao. Now that I’m all done with my summer travel, I thought I would take the time to post my conclusions from my little carry-on only experiment. For those of you who might not know what I’m talking about, these posts (1, 2) lay everything […]

Summer2014: Rome

I’ve been really lagging on the blogging lately. I realized that I really hate typing extensively on my iPad and it’s been a detergent to me making updates. I’ve been typing notes on my iPhone for some, what I hope will be, fun travel-related posts […]

Living the Carry-On Only Life for an Extended Trip

Ciao ragazzi, Here to report on my experience of packing my carry-on for a five-week trip to Europe. I drafted this post while on the plane heading from Amsterdam to Rome but my internet situation has been a bit precarious so I’m only able to […]

First Post from Abroad!

Hello hello! Feels so good to be posting. I’ve been having trouble logging into WordPress on my iPad due to my lack of technical savvy but I finally figured it out. I’ve been in Amsterdam for 10 days now. So crazy to think about. Only […]

40 Days, 7 Countries, 1 Carry-On, Unlimited Possibilities: Part One

As many of you know, I will be doing a bit of traveling this summer. My journey will begin in Amsterdam a week from today and though I’m really excited about both the academic and personal adventures that are to come, I’m also a little […]

Summer Commencement / San Francisco

As of Thursday at 12:13pm, with a click of the “SEND” button on my gmail account, I finished my first year of graduate school. Only 4-6 more years to go folks! Even though I still have the bulk of my educational journey ahead of me, […]