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Turkey Eggplant Lasagna

(Don’t mind my legs making a cameo in the pictures) Ciao loves. So here we have another impromptu recipe post. About an hour ago, I instagrammed a pic of the delicious and nutritious turkey eggplant lasagna that I made for dinner and someone commented asking […]

Thai Turkey Meatballs in Green Curry Sauce

I’ve been anxious to get a recipe up since I went on break. Of course, I can’t just post any ol’ thing so I had to wait until I had time to dedicate to the kitchen. This week has been CRAZY coming back from vacation […]

Simple Salad: Turkey Breast and Goat Cheese with Lemon Vinegrette

Hey peeps, Sorry I’ve been a bit m.i.a as of late. This past week has been a little crazy. I’m still getting into the swing of my school schedule, adjusting to having to juggle responsibilities. I’m honestly still struggling with transitioning from vacation mode. I […]