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Sweet Potato Pancakes

I love pancakes. Who doesn’t? I try to make them for myself at least once a week as I believe wholeheartedly that they make me a better person. Though pancakes don’t generally come to mind when thinking of “clean eating,” they can definitely be tweeked […]

Yay Carbs!

Hi peeps! Glad to be blogging! It’s been so challenging to get recipe posts up since I got back from Spring Break. Things have picked up since the semester is ending soon and I’m trying hard to manage my time well though, I don’t know […]

Breakfast: Coconut Almond Quinoa topped with Blueberries

I was sitting around the other day thinking of ideas for recipe posts when it occurred to me that I had yet to post any breakfast recipes. I was shocked and appalled to say that least. Breakfast is HANDS DOWN my favorite meal of the […]

Brown Rice Porridge with Shrimp and Kale (Inspired by Lunar New Year cuisine)

In the wee hours of the night, I often find myself in bed scrolling through countless photos on instagram that have been hashtagged #foodie #delicious #food #foodporn, etc. I get swept away in all of these photos, double-clicking until my fingers start to cramp, only […]