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Super Simple Golden Beets and Greens

Life has been lots of fun lately. Since finishing my quals, I have held true to becoming a social being again and there has been more than enough to keep me busy. With socializing always comes eating out more than usual, having more wine (or […]

Cumin Lime Coleslaw featuring PrimalKitchen Mayo

Every now and then, I find myself thinking about how different my taste in food is today than it was five years ago. While my increasing health-consciousness as certainly played a large role in my shift in dietary preferences, I have also just become more […]

Baked Garlic and Thyme Parsnip Fries

  One of my friends recently brought it to my attention that I go through foodie phases. I tend to find different foods and really latch on them at particular moments. Some of these things are new and exciting to explore and other are old […]