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3 Reasons Why I Whole30 (The 3Rs)

Ciao ragazzi,  I think I am finally done with traveling until the winter holidays. The last two months have been a whirlwind with classes starting in late August, yoga teacher training every other weekend and traveling on the weekends in between. I’m SO excited to have […]

How to Blister Shishito Peppers + Recipe Ideas

Hey guys,  If you weren’t aware, shishito peppers are in season! I got some in my CSA box last week and I was SO excited. If you haven’t tried shishitos before, get ’em while you can. They’ll be out of season soon and it would […]

Super Simple Golden Beets and Greens

Life has been lots of fun lately. Since finishing my quals, I have held true to becoming a social being again and there has been more than enough to keep me busy. With socializing always comes eating out more than usual, having more wine (or […]

Whole30 Journal Week 4

Monday 8-9am // gym workout ( HIIT Training) 9:30am // Lamb Stew, ½ avocado, roasted sweet potatoes 3pm // chicken stew with apricots and almonds 8-9pm // Sculpt yoga 9:30pm // Beef kofte, side salad with artichokes and olives   Tuesday 8-9 // gym workout […]

Whole30 Journal Week 3

Whole30 Week 3! Can’t believe it’s been 21 days!   Monday 7:00am // Bit of spaghetti pizza pie 8:45-9:30 // Gym workout 10am // chicken and olive tagine, japanese sweet potatoes 3pm // spaghetti pizza pie, 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, ½ sliced banana with […]

Whole30 Journal Week 2

Here’s what I ate for week 2 of this thing. The blank spots are meals I forgot to write down. :/ I did remember to take more pictures this week though!   Monday Snack // 7:30am // ½ banana Workout // 8-8:30am // 4 mile […]

Whole30 Journal Week 1

Alright! So I’m officially a week into my Whole30. I’ve been doing my best to write down the things that I’ve been eating as well as the time that I eat them. I’ve also noted the time and nature of my workouts (i.e. lifting, yoga, […]

An Introduction to Whole30

Hey guys and Happy New Year! I’m finally back in LA and slowly coming to terms with the reality that the semester is starting. I had been avoiding emails for the past three weeks and I’ve recently gathered the strength to answer most of them. […]