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Yoga Diaries 6: Protect Your Tuesdays

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm, Briana Welke Turpin leads an amazing Flow class at One Down Dog. I have been fortunate to have schedules that have allowed me to attend this class for the past three semesters. Coincidentally, my Tuesdays during each of those semesters have […]

Yoga Diary 3: Find the Dance

As a finish up what was a world-wind of a 4-week summer teaching-assistantship, I’m reflecting back on the experience as well as those that came before it, wondering “how did I do that?” So much has happened in the past four weeks, in the past […]

Yoga Diary 2: Use Your Breath

This yoga diary entry could not possibly be more fitting given that I have officially gotten through two weeks of paper-writing and final exam grading, which means, it is officially summerrrrr. While dark chocolate certainly played it’s role it helping me get to this point, […]

Yoga Diary 1: Acknowledge and Respect Where You Are Right Now

Hi folks!  It’s been far too long since I’ve updated. Classes end for me on Friday so this is that crazy time in the semester where I’m scrambling to stay on top of things. Despite putting blogging on the back-burner, I’ve still managed to not […]