Ten Ways to Care for Yourself this Winter

If you want to make sure that your body is prepared for the winter and fight off viruses and bacteria, taking some vitamins and mineral supplements is not enough. You need to have a plan to make sure you are able to deal with every challenge in the cold weather. Boost your immune system, love the body you are in, treat it with respect, and develop a winter habit for health and wellbeing. Below you will find some tips on how to be nicer to your body and mind during the cold months.

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  1.   Attend Regular Checkups

It is important that you go and visit your doctor if you have a long term condition. Living with asthma in the winter can be challenging, and you are more likely to develop complications than people who don’t have this condition. If you are due a review, attend, and get important updates, as well as advice from your nurse about how to avoid common colds. It might be a good idea to get a flu jab before the cold weather arrives, so your immune system gets the essential help and protection. Take time to visit Grand Family Dentistry to make sure that your oral health is looked after.

  1.           Start a Winter Workout Routine

You might not want to go jogging in the snow, so you will have to adjust your routine. If all you want to do at night is stay in and watch TV, you might want to exercise in the morning. If you don’t feel like getting on your bike, you can still go for a walk. You might want to invest in a home exercise equipment, so you don’t have to go to the gym to work out.

  1.           Snack on Something Healthy

Instead of stocking up on cookies and chocolate, you should create some space in your fridge for healthy snacks. Prepare carrot sticks and celery strings, and eat them when you feel like snacking. Prepare salad in the morning and on the weekends, so you always have a healthy option. While eating chips is easy and a ready solution, it is not good for nutrition, and doesn’t help you boost your metabolism.

  1.           Spend An Hour Outdoors

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Set yourself a target of how many hours a week you would like to spend outside. Help out at the local shelter this winter, or the soup kitchen, if you feel like. Join a local hiking club, and explore the natural beauty in your area. Walk to work if you can, and feel comfortable. However, if you cannot, try to take short walks during your lunch break. Even if it is cold, you can benefit from the winter sunshine and the additional Vitamin D that improves your mental health and immune system.

  1.           Start the Day With Fruit

To make sure you provide your body with everything it needs, you should start the day with fruit. If you can’t afford fresh fruit, you can opt for canned or frozen products. This will help your body start its daily detox early, and maintain a healthy digestive system. Eat fruit and fresh vegetables with each dish. There are some fruit and vegetable that are available throughout the year, such as carrots, bananas, and tomatoes.

  1.           Don’t Give In the Temptation of Snacking In Front of the TV

We are all guilty of making a huge box of chocolate or a tub of popcorn disappear in one sitting, when watching TV. Try to keep your hands busy, so you avoid the temptation. Take on a hobby, such as knitting or drawing. If you sit for hours and simply eat, you will cause a lot of damage. Your body will believe that just because you are inactive, it doesn’t need all the carbs you eat, so it will store it in a form of fat in all the worst places imaginable. If you feel like snacking, make sure you exercise first to boost your metabolism.

  1.           Look After Your Mental Health

In the cold and dark nights of the winter, most of us get the blues. Instead of sitting at home all the time, try to do something that makes you happy every day. Look at the winter scenes, catch up with your friends, and go to the cinema. Arrange a night out or a theater trip. Break the boring routine of winter months, and you can have a more positive attitude towards life. Make sure you always have something to look forward to.

  1.           Make the Most Out of the Winter Sunshine

You need to get as much Vitamin D as possible. Even if it is cold, you can get a tan and feel better about yourself if you arrange day trips. Take a day out to walk in your favorite city, or hike up a mountain. Take your family out for the day, and enjoy the new scenery. While there is less sunshine in the winter, you can still make the most out of the few hours available.

  1.           Take a Trip to the Mountains

Winter can be amazing if you take your time to notice the changes in the scenery. Look at the trees covered by snow and frost, or check the new landscape of the mountains now that all the leaves are gone. Look for wildlife on the way, and hire a log cabin. Just because it is cold, you don’t have to stay home for months rejecting the chance of experiencing something new and beautiful.

  1.        Catch Up With Friends

Maintain your social life by regularly catching up with friends. You might not be as busy in the winter months, and this is the time to have reunions. Plan a trip to a concert together, or hold a house party, if you love your home.

We all feel less energetic and weaker during the winter months. You need to make sure that you build up your body’s defense system, and look after your mental health at the same time. Get enough sunshine, take trips to the mountains, and catch up with friends, so you can look after your body and mind better during the cold months.

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