This Week in Workouts (including interval strength workout)



Here’s what I’ve been up to this week on the workout scene….


Run (6 miles)

To the SilverLake reservoir and back just like 10k training. 🙂


Gym – Interval Workout

My class got canceled at the last minute on Tuesday so it was really tempting not to go to campus to use the gym. I realized, however, that I’m always complaining about how I miss strength training so much since I’ve been half-marathon training, so I got it in gear. I did 20 minutes on the wide stride machine (you know that one that like running and skiing at the same time?) followed by this workout. 30 second cardio intervals followed by 1 minute of strength with only 10 seconds of rest in between. Did 3 rounds. It was tough. Not gonna lie.

  • :30 burpees
  • :60 plank rows (with 10 lb dumbbells)
  • :10 rest
  • :30 high knees
  • :60 bicep curls to overhead press
  • :10 rest
  • :30 jump squats
  • :60 sumo squats with 10lb dumbbell hold
  • :10 rest
  • :30 mountain climbers
  • :60 tricep kickbacks
  • :10 rest
  • :30 tuck jumps
  • :60 side chops (30 seconds on each side)


Ran 3 miles to Pop Physique in Silverlake.

This is one of my favorite workouts these days. The Pop Physique Studio is a bit under 2 miles from my apartment so I usually run around Echo Park lake a couple of times before I head down Sunset. It’s nice to get my muscles warm before class so that I can hop right into it. If you’re in LA and you’ve never taken a Pop Physique class, I highly recommend it. It’s a great mixture of bar and pilates that really gets you using muscles that you didn’t even realize existed. If you’re not in a city with Pop Physique (you might be soon because they’re growing really quickly) and you’re looking to build strength and long lean lower body muscles, try a regular bar class! It’s just really fun to pretend like I’m a ballerina for an hour.



So I must admit, all of my other workouts this week pale in comparison to the awesome Soul Cycle class that I took this past Thursday. I went as part of a Racked LA Fit Club event (if you haven’t checked out their events, please do yourself a favor and head over to their site (where you can also find some really great pics of me lurking in the background of group shots)). This is the second Racked LA event that I’ve been to and they’ve both been great. I love me some soul cycle but realistically, my grad school pockets can’t afford to make the classes a part of my regular routine. So when I saw that Racked was hosting an event, even though it was allll the way in Beverly Hills, I had to be there.


Rest day / Yoga Balance and Inversion Lab at One Down Dog

From 7-9 pm last night, I was in a dimly lit studio space with about 20 strangers, trying to balance and stand in awkward positions. Clearly, it was a Friday night well spent. The lab, led by Brianna with assistance from Arielle, was an opportunity to work on balance and inversion poses more in depth than you would in a regular yoga class and most importantly, to get personalized guidance with your practice. I was clearly one of the least advanced people in the class )seeing as how I don’t just casually balance on my head for funzies while watching Scandal like some of those people CLEARLY do (no shade intended)) but I didn’t feel discouraged at all. I definitely made progress towards my goal of doing a forearm stand and got more comfortable with my head being pressed upside down into a yoga mat, which, if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, is an extremely unique experience. I was able to do another assisted forearm stand with the help of the lovely woman on the mat next to me (I believe her name was Betsy — she was a boss). I have some great tools that I can use in my future classes to keep practicing (I’m terrified to practice on my own so I will save that for the studio).


Run (6 miles)

Ran my usual path in Elysian Park. I hadn’t run since Wednesday so I needed to get it back in gear. My legs are kind of sore from spinning and stuff though so might have to push my long run to Monday and just yoga it out tomorrow.


(So this has nothing to do with working out but it was delicious and I wanted to share. Amaaazing Lebanese food from Hayat’s Kitchen in North Hollywood. As a love of Mediterranean cuisine, I was quite pleased.)


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