Tips for Caring for your Feet


We use them every day but many people still forget to take proper care of them – I’m talking about our feet! They may not be the prettiest part of your body, but they still deserve some proper TLC every now and then. In fact, daily footcare can help you keep some common foot problems at bay. So, ready to look after your tootsies? Here are some tips that can help you do just that!


Get Shoes That Fit

Isn’t it annoying when you are out shoe shopping and find the perfect pair only to find that the shop is all out of your size? Well, a word of warning. No matter how desperately you want the pair of shoes, you should never buy them in a size that is too big or too small. Not only will this be extremely uncomfortable, but it could also damage your feet. They will increase your risk of developing corns and blisters and, in the worst-case scenario, might even damage your feet’s muscles and bones.

Wash And Dry Regularly

Clean feet are happy feet! You should wash them daily to remove sweat and dirt. But it’s also worth soaking them in warm soapy water every week as well. After soaking, you should gently scrub them with a pumice stone to remove any hard skin. Don’t forget to dry your feet thoroughly every time. Otherwise, you might end up with a case of athlete’s foot.


Massage And Moisturize

It’s also a nice idea to pamper your feet whenever you get the chance. Here are some of the best foot massagers reviewed, and all of these reviews can help you choose the best massager for your tootsies. Putting your feet in one of these at the end of the day can help to relieve a lot of stress and tension. It’s also a good idea to moisturise your feet as well so that the skin stays soft and supple.



Let Them Breathe

You should try and get in the habit of taking your shoes and socks off as soon as you get home. Try not to put your slippers on for an hour or so, and just walk around barefoot for a bit. This gives your feet the chance to breathe and can prevent sweat from building up in between your toes.


Watch Your Nails

No good foot care routine would ignore the toenails! They are integral to your feet’s health. You should always keep them trimmed. If you don’t, then you might find they rub against the end of your shoes, and this could cause some considerable discomfort. You will find that overgrown toenails tend to break off as well, which can cause more pain. As well as keeping them trim, you should regularly remove your nail varnish if you wear it. If you leave it one for a long period, it can sometimes wear down your nails and make them weaker.

Hopefully, all of the above tips can help you have a pair of happy and healthy feet!

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