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Hey peeps! 

I’m currently gearing up to head to LAX for a quick flight up to San Francisco. One of my homies from NYC is coming over for work so I’m going up to hang out with him for the weekend. This should be my last flight until winter break, since my foot injury is preventing me from doing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in SF in October as I had planned. With all of my recent traveling, however, I thought I’d do a quick post with some of the snacks that I generally pack with me for trips. Generally, I eat a big breakfast and/or lunch heading out to catch a flight but depending on the length or timing of the trip, I may need to pack some reinforcements until I can make it to food. I try to avoid buying anything more than coffee at the airport because the food tends to be overpriced and unhealthy. If I anticipate needing a full meal, I usually pack some leftovers with me that I can break out on the plane. A lot of people don’t realize that you can bring substantive food in your carry-on, but I know for fact that you can. I do it all the time! Just avoid soup, both because it’s liquid and might be subject to TSA regulations and because … it’s messy. Now on to the goodies! 

1. TEA


I usually have a tea bag or two with me everywhere that I go. I generally drink at least two mugs of green tea a day so when I travel, I like to have it with me. During a flight, I just ask for hot water and voila! Most flights offer tea but it’s usually some brand of black tea, which I don’t drink often, so I like to stick with what I know. 




If I find myself in need of a substantive snack – something filling but not a full meal – I generally opt for some kind of jerky or these Epic Bars. If you’re a paleo person, you probably know about these bars. They’re basically a jerky bar made of sustainably raised animals. They’re a little pricey so I buy them in bulk from Thrive Market and keep them in the cabinet. They have all different kinds, but I generally opt for the bison. The jerky pictured here is a brand that I picked up from a farmer’s market in Oakland earlier this summer. I don’t really eat jerky aside from traveling and it lasts for a long time, especially before the package isn’t opened so I usually grab a package whenever I come across some good ones at farmer’s markets or specialty food stores and keep them in the cabinet for future trips. 



When I find myself needing a little carb fix on the go, these are my go-to. I also buy these in bulk from Thrive Market to have on hand. These are also perfect if you’re working out while traveling and want to make sure that you have some dense carbs to refuel your muscles. 



Sardines are great. I’m sure that they are people who have an aversion to them, but I love them. They’re such a great punch of nutrition in a convenient little package and despite popular belief, they don’t smell. One can has 25 grams of protein and is filled with healthy fats and cholesterol. In the event that I don’t have any leftovers to take with me and I need a meal while traveling, I pack some salad greens in a bowl and then I just throw theses guys on top when I’m ready to eat. The olive oil makes a great dressing and if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll squeeze a little lemon over it or add some avocado. Amazingly simple, balanced meal while in flight. I love Wild Planet because of their sustainability practices. Like post things in this post, they’re available on Thrive Market, but I often catch them on sale at grocery stories. Last week, the Whole Foods in Chicago had them on sale for 1.50 so I stocked up. 😀 😀 😀 (Yes. I’m that girl.)



Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I always pack some dark chocolate. There is something great about being able to reach down beneath the seat in front of you and grab a piece of something delicious while you fly – something that makes you happy, something that comforts you, something that tells you that despite having to sit in a cramped seat, in a stuffy cabin, next to a stranger for the next X amount of hours, life is good. I usually pack something a little lighter – 85-90% cacao but since I’m whole30ing again, I’m currently packing 100% since there is no sugar. This brand is amazing. They offer a bunch of delicious variations. All free of dairy and soy. All made with free trade cacao. All delicious. Yes, I’ve tried every last one of them. On Thrive Market like everything else. 😛

And that’s all folks! Hope this is helpful in some way! 

P.S. One thing that you could add to this list is nuts. I stopped buying/packing nuts though cause I love them so much and have no self control especially when I’m sitting on a flight with nothing to do. :/ 

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