Two Days in Lisbon, Portugal


Ciao everyone. 

Here’s a little recap of my quick trip to Lisbon!

After getting back to LA from Portland, I had a little over 24 hours before heading back to LAX for my flight to Lisbon. My flight was a little convoluted, for no particular reason. I left LA at 5pm and then I had a two-hour layover in San Francisco (why??). From there, I flew direct to London and then from there to Lisbon. It was a long trip but it went smoothly. 

About 19 hours after starting my journey, I arrived in Lisbon around 7pm local time. I hopped on the train and went straight to my AirBnb – an adorable attic apartment with so much charm. After a nice shower and some tea, I went to bed to beat the jet lag…

It worked. I woke up at 6am with a ridiculous amount of energy. My host emailed me some recommendations for places to walk and eat so I thought I’d just head out and see where my feet took me. Instead of walking it though, I decided I’d do a stop-start-jog-sight-seeing-thing. It actually worked really well. I just ran in whatever direction compelled me and eventually ended up along the water, which was great. I ran for a bit and then decided to walk back through the narrow streets to get a feel for the city. At one point I realized that I was close to this yoga studio that I’d found online so I popped in. They only had one class that day and it was booked BUT the teacher gave me the information for a rooftop class that she was teaching on Saturday afternoon. 

After a couple of hours or roaming, I made my way back to shower, change, and just grabbed quick lunch at a nearby restaurant. It wasn’t particularly picture-worthy. Hence, the lack of picture. After lunch, I lounged and worked on my presentation for my conference in Oxford and then had a delicious dinner at Taberna Santa Marta

The next day, I woke up and went for a nice walk. I made my way back to the AirBnB and organized myself for my flight out to London the next morning. I was going to yoga and then meeting up with Filipa, a friend of a friend, that afternoon and I figured I wouldn’t have much time to organize and pack once I got back. 

I made my way to the rooftop yoga class and it was nothing short of amazing. The weather was incredible – 80 degrees F, sunny, with clear skies. Just five students, one instructor, and this amazing view. 

Post-flow, I hurried back to the apartment to get ready to meet Filipa. We met up and went to lunch in Belem. Filipa is Portuguese and grew up in Lisbon so I was really grateful that she was nice enough to plan a day of experiences for me. I was able to taste some traditional Portuguese dishes while overlooking the beautiful water. I had salt cod with spinach and potatoes as well as some delicious clams and croquettes! 

Then we headed to Pasteis de Belem for pasteis de Nata because…you kinda have to if you’re in Lisbon. I was stuffed from lunch so I only ate on when we were here but I got two to go and picked up another at Time Out Market later that evening for comparison. They may or may not have all been eaten by the time I went to bed that night. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

From there we took a stroll to all of the sights along the Ocean. Filipa was super well informed about Portuguese history and I knew very little so I learned A LOT. 

After making my way back to the apartment, I organized everything for my flight out the next morning and made my way to bed. The next morning I was off to London! 

I’m currently still in London and will be heading back on Thursday. I’m presenting in Oxford tomorrow (!!). It’s been a world wind in the best way. Now back to the U.S. and back to the grind. 


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