Update Your Winter Wellness Habits

Winter is beautiful. The crisp mornings are a joy to behold, and everything takes on a morose, yet mellow and relaxed quality. It’s truly unique, and we can totally understand those who feel it’s their favorite season. However, we’d all be wrong to assume that we can live as carefree during winter as we did in summer. The common winter cold often heralds the start of this season, but other health issues can become exaggerated when your immune system is being bombarded by cold. Your body needs to work just that little bit harder to maintain its inner temperature. Along the same logic, you should maintain a couple of wellness habits to keep yourself in tip-top shape.

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Driving Health

Driving is difficult in winter. Dark roads, slippery roads, and cold temperatures can all contribute to a more distracting driving experience. It’s important to assess your driving health to keep behind the wheel like the sensible person you are. First of all, how is your vision? If you’re struggling to see, or haven’t updated your prescription for your glasses in a while, this issue will become exaggerated in the heavy dark. Heading to the Tri-State Centers for Sight could help you with a range of eye care surfaces, to help your driving go unimpeded, and generally see more of the beautiful winter landscape. Not only does this improve your safety, but your quality of life.



When it comes to fending off disease, hygiene is your best bet. You can be the most hygienic person in the world, but shaking hands with someone who has just caught a cough, or sending your children to school in general is likely to bring some small illness into your home. It’s inevitable, to the point where it’s almost silly to consider preventing it. However, there are steps you can take. Carrying around a small bottle of antibacterial hand gel can help you hydrate and cleanse your hands during the course of the day. Pack yourself and your children with tissues, and make sure to restock your medicine cabinet. Also, you should take care in making sure you eat well, and hydrate often. Nothing exacerbates the proliferation of a winter illness than a bad diet and lack of sleep.


Alternate Bad Habits

Now, of course winter is the season of indulgence. When it comes to the Christmas festivities, we’d be hard-pressed to tell you to watch your caloric intake. We’re sure that would come across as hypocritical. Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time to spend time with family, relax, love each other and eat copious amounts of food. However, maybe switching up your bad habits here could help you make it through with much less short to mid-term damage regarding your health. If you smoke, why not make this the winter to quit, and in exchange reward yourself with copious nutritious meals, or spending on fashion items you’ve wanted to stock your winter wardrobe? Instead of heading out to drink with your friends as you’ve done all year, why not limit your alcohol intake in exchange for watching marathons of those shows you’ve been meaning to keep up with? You can indulge in the winter period of course, but adding more vices on top of your current ones can lead you to some bad health habits come January time.

Keep an eye on your behaviour, practice self-discipline, and you’re sure to experience a healthy and happy winter period.


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