How to Vacation in Los Angeles

If you are looking for one of the best city break destinations on the planet, LA has to be up there, right? It’s certainly one of those cities on most people’s bucket lists, and there is so much to see and do in this amazing American destination that a city break would hardly do it justice.

Los Angeles can be a challenging place to visit, however. The good news is, I got you. With a few basic guidelines and hot tips, you can easily make the most of LA, no matter what time of year it happens to be. Let’s take a look at how to live it up in Los Angeles.

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Check the forecast

While the weather is baking hot during the summer months in LA, be wary of traveling there in June. The weather at this time can often result in what locals call ‘June Gloom,’ and a lot of clouds appear, blocking out the sun completely. It’s not usually an issue of you wants to explore the city streets, but beach lovers should beware. Also, traveling to LA during its winter season can be a little on the wet and rainy side – so pack accordingly.

Get a discount admission card.

If you’re planning to see some of the big attractions – such as Disneyland, Universal Studios and Seaworld – make sure you buy a discount card. It can save you a huge amount of money as opposed to buying a day ticket for each location.

Rent a car – in style

If you are going to rent a car in Los Angeles, you might as well live it up a little and make it a good one! Sports cars and luxury brands are everywhere you go in the tourist areas of LA, so it’s worth spending a little extra on ‘blending in’ – if you need an excuse for hiring a flash set of wheels.

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Avoid the 405

However, if you do intend to rent a car and drive around, make sure you don’t spend all your time on one of the busiest roads on the planet. The 405 freeway between US 101 and Long Beach is pretty much always close to packed, and whether it’s rush hour, midnight or first thing in the morning it can end up giving you a severe headache. Use another route – and always buy a local map!

Go for lunch, not dinner.

Want to save some money but still experience some of the incredible food on offer in LA? You’ll spend far less eating your main meal at lunchtime than you will at dinner. Alternatively, there are hundreds of fantastic but cheap street food stalls and cafes that offer wonderful menus for a low price. And the money you save here can go towards a more expensive evening meal later on.

Stick to one place

LA is a huge metropolis, and it can take you an entire day to travel from one end to another. So your best bet – particularly if you are on a short city break – is to stick to one specific area. Obviously, I bias, but I recommend the Echo Park/ Silverlake / Los Feliz Area. Look at your map and mark all the locations you want to visit before you even travel.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you have an awesome time in LA – share your advice if you have any in the comments section below!

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