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Ciao peeps,

This week has been a crazy one. My students took their midterm/first exam last week and so I spent last weekend traipsing through them. I had 38 of them but it wasn’t too bad. I did a little bit each day and so by Sunday evening I only had to go back through and grade the final essays. This was somewhat challenging since I had to scan the essays to check that they had addressed all of the required components but I got cozy in bed, graded them in small batches and after an hour and a half or so, I was done. The more challenging part was returning them to the students on Thursday and having to deal with backlash. #TAstruggles

I’m not grading this weekend but it’s already been a busy one. It’s that time in the semester where things are starting to pile up. On top of all the day to day stuff for my classes and TAship, fellowship application deadlines are approaching so I have to work on research proposal drafts to get out to my recommenders. With all of this going on, I’ve had to be really diligent about maintaining a healthy regime. I’ve started running about 3 times a week, which has allowed me to get my mileage back up.  I did 11 and a quarter miles with the DTLA running group this morning which felt awesome (not during, but after!). It’s really exciting to be back to where I was when I was training for my half. Most people in the group are training for the Rock N Roll half marathon that’s coming up but since I’m just running for funzies, it takes a bit of the pressure off while still motivating me to get out there and push myself.

During this really busy period, time management and preparation have become so critical. Despite having a really intense dark chocolate withdrawal experience last week (which resulted in me going out of my way to Lassen’s to buy 4 bars of chocolate that I’m already more than half way through :/), I’ve been able to maintain pretty good eating habits. The key has really been food prepping on the weekends. I know that many people swear by food prep and preach of its wonders, but you really don’t know how great it is until you come home at 8:30pm after a 15 hour day (yes, 15 hours. 5:30am-8:30pm. My Wednesdays are brutal.) and there is something healthy and homemade already in your fridge for you to pop into the oven and microwave. I’m planning on doing a post on food prep (hopefully at the end of this week!) to rave about it more and hopefully provide some helpful tools/tips that might help you guys incorporate it into your routines. Look out for it!

In addition to food prepping, I’ve been really conscious of scheduling my workouts ahead of time. I’m generally pretty good about this anyway but more recently, it’s become all the more important for me to actually put workout time/classes into my iCal so that it doesn’t get compromised in all of the craziness. My workout routine has definitely evolved as a result of my schedule which has pros and cons. I haven’t been getting as much gym time, which I’m not happy about, but on the flipside, I’ve been doing more running and yoga.

I’m really excited about having yoga play a larger role in my health routine, as I’m trying to strengthen and build my practice. Last week, I went to an awesome “Strong” class at ODD that focuses on building strength for inversion poses as well as learning the proper techniques to avoid injury and feel safe while in the poses. The first thirty minutes of the class are spent getting warm and and doing muscle conditioning for the poses (think lots of core work!). I really enjoyed this part of class because we were able to break into pairs and do some partner exercises that were not only helped strengthen the core but also mimicked the feeling of being in an inversion that we would know what what our bodies/muscles are supposed to feel like in the poses. The last half of class was basically guided “playtime.” We were working on forearm stands so Joerael (the instructor) gave us some tips and modeled the pose for us and then we pulled our mats near the wall and started trying it on our own. There were only 4 of us in the class total so it was great to get some individual attention and feel supported, literally and figuratively. Can’t wait to go back next week!

Here’s what this past week in workouts has looked like just to give you guys an idea:


3 mile run to “Sweat” yoga at ODD


8 mile run through Elysian and down Sunset


Gym Sessions focusing on lifting. Since I’m only getting to the gym once a week, I’m really trying to get the weight stuff in when I’m there.

Evening “Flow” yoga with Briana at ODD


3 miles run to 6:30am “Sculpt” yoga with Alexis. Running down Sunset at 6 in the morning is becoming one of my favorite things. So nice to meet the city before it wakes.


“Chill” yoga followed by “Strong” yoga (described above)


“Sculpt” and “Chill” with Alexis


11.26 miles with DTLA running group

I’m pretty excited about working out this week because I’m planning to go to a lot of cool free classes that BurnThis is hosting in honor of Marie Claire launching their new fitness section. Classes are being offered all week at fitness studios around LA but I won’t be able to attend them all because of conflicts with classes. Off course the Barry’s Bootcamp class is happening on Wednesday which is the one day in my schedule that is completely packed. I really want to make it to that place. :/ Though Barry and I won’t be hanging this week, I am planning to go to classes at Body by Simone, Flywheel, and Platinum Pilates and I’m pretty stoked about it (did I just say “stoked?” This West Coast life is getting the best of me…). I’ve actually already been to two classes at Body by Simone using the gift certificate that I got in my Racked LA Swag Bag. I loved my workouts there but since it’s all the west in West Hollywood, I don’t know if I’ll get there too often. That being said, I’m really excited to go back for this event. I’m hoping to take some photos and post about it for you guys.

So I’ll end this post with some photos of recent eats and whatever other random photos I might have collected over the past couple of weeks that give you guys an indication of what life has been lookin like.

Amazingness from the Wednesday farmer’s market on the USC campus.

Paleo pizza using Zenbelly’s crust. Slowly becoming a weekly tradition.

Paleo “cauli” egg fried rice with bacon and scallions. Delish low carb play on a Chinese food favorite.

My duck legs right out of the oven!

Plated and garnished.

Until next time.

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