What’s Been Up With Me?

Hey peeps,

This is another one of those posts where I talk about things that have been going on my life (in no particular order).

Spice Station, Silverlake




This place has been on my radar for a while but I held off on going in because I was (1)afraid that it would be uber expensive (2)afraid that despite its uber expensiveness I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I definitely wasn’t in complete control when I finally stopped in BUT it’s reasonably priced so all is well. I got harissa, lemongrass, tikka masala, and timerand.

French Caribbean Literature


This semester, I’m taking a French class called “Diaspora, Transnationalism, and Globalization.” Basically we read works by amazing female writers of color from the French Caribbean and think about how they engage and reconstruct ideas of community, diaspora, and home through their experiences with race, gender, class, and nationality. I’m obsessed. So glad that I decided to take the initiative and pursue my interests in Francophone culture. So excited to design a dissertation that engages these ideas!

(Beautiful) Familiar Faces

NORZ!!! Hands down, the biggest perk of being on the West Coast. She seemed to really sink into the SoCal sun so hopefully I’ll get to partake of her company more often. 🙂


I Keep Climbing Stairs


Really loving doing stairclimb hikes with the Stair Climbers of LA Meetup group. Such a nice way to explore the city and get a nice workout in.

Toasted Whole Wheat English Muffins with Almond Butter / Goat Cheese and Chicken Breakfast Sausage


Ugh. So good. I had to not allow myself to buy another bag of muffins from Trader Joe’s when I went last week. Addiction is never healthy. [Update: I bought another bag of English muffins as well as goat cheese and breakfast sausage when I went grocery shopping on Friday. I’m so weak.]

I’m STILL Running

So as some of you might know from Instagram and/or Facebook, I ran the longest distance of my life a few weeks ago – 13.5 miles. Since then, I’ve been struggling to stay motivated with my training. I think I’m like “I already ran more than a half marathon so do I really need to do an official race?” I know the answer to this question is “yes” but I’m really not pleased with having to train for another two months until the La Jolla Half. *grumble grumble* I miss my other workouts!

Budding Yogi

One of the good things that’s come from running so much is that it’s really helped me appreciate yoga. When I was training for my 10k last year, I starting doing yoga to make sure that I was taking the time to stretch property as to prevent injury. I’ve really grown to love the practice not only because it keeps me limber but because it’s helping me maintain/improve my strength since I’m not able to strength train as much as usual, as well as improve my balance, which is terrible. My crappy mat that I bought years ago from target started shedding and I took the opportunity to buy a legit mat and declare myself a yogi. I’m really trying to dedicate myself to my practice, going to classes at least 3 times a week and doing a short session on my own before bed. I’m also going to an armstand and inversion workshop on Friday to help me work towards my goal of doing a forearm stand (I’m so terrified).


This Summer Will Be….AMAZING

So it’s super official that I’ll be spending half of June and July in Europa. I was accepted into a two-week course on the black diaspora in Europe that taking place in Amsterdam (last week of June – first week of July). About a week or so ago, I found out that I got program funding for it so I reserved my spot in the class and booked my flight. I’m so…so…so excited. To thicken the plot, I will be meeting up with Nora and Susan, my pals from my study abroad program in Rome, when I complete my program to frolic on the Mediterranean coast. Madrid, Southern Italy, Greece, and Istanbul are on the list (which we have been composing via Googledocs. so official). I can’t even begin to express how pumped I am. In all of my pumped-ness, I took a stroll through my study abroad photos the other day. Here are some of the gems that I stumbled across:

sa2 sa3 sa4 sa5 sa6 sa7 sa8 sa9 sa10



If you’re really curious about my first bout with Europe, check out the blog I kept while I was there, Girl Meets Europe. So funny to look back at.

Now…I should read. I’m the worst at being a grad student sometimes.



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