Whole30 Journal Week 1


Alright! So I’m officially a week into my Whole30. I’ve been doing my best to write down the things that I’ve been eating as well as the time that I eat them. I’ve also noted the time and nature of my workouts (i.e. lifting, yoga, running, etc.). I’m hoping that this will give you guys a sense of what meals are like on Whole30 as well as how I time meals around workouts and how long these meals keep me satiated. I’ve also included some notes of how I was feeling/what I was thinking etc.



Meal 1 //8am // breakfast scramble with one egg, apple, butternut squash and sausage

Workout // 10-11am // Lifting and bodyweight cardio

Meal 2 // 11:30am // Leftover cauliflower and meatballs and baked sweet potato

Meal 3 // 4:30pm // Sardines, avocado, and beets in a bowl

Snack // 6pm // apple, butternut squash and sausage bake

Workout // 8-9pm // Sculpt yoga (high-intensity yoga)

Meal 4 // 9:30pm // One egg scrambled with swiss chard and leftover beef roast

I ended up feeling super hunger in the middle of the day (hence the 4:30 and 6pm meals). I don’t think my breakfast and post workout meals were hearty enough. I think I’ll try eating a larger breakfast and/or lunch tomorrow and see if I feel satiated until dinner.



Meal 1 // 8:30am // salmon fillet and two eggs scrambled in ghee, ½ avocado, sauerkraut drizzled with olive oil

Meal 2 // 1:00pm // leftover beef roast, sauteed swiss chard, ½ avocado, small apple

Workout // 6:30-7:45 // Flow yoga

Meal 3 // 8:30 // mashed sweet potato with ghee, steam sauteed red cabbage, 2 scrambled eggs, ½ avocado, 2 fresh apricots

Felt great after breakfast. It was a hearty meal but I didn’t at all feel lethargic.

Should of had a snack before yoga. Got a little hungry once I got on the mat. Would have liked to feel stronger throughout class.

Felt satiated with dinner though not as full as usual. Had apricots, which weren’t too sweet, as a dessert. No intense sugar cravings.



Pre-run snack // 5:45am // Half banana

Workout // 6-7:30am // 3 mile run to 1-hour yoga sculpt class

Meal 1 // 8:30am // ½ banana with tahini, 2 scrambled eggs, 2 homemade chicken sausage (¼ lb ground chicken), baked sweet potatoes and carrots drizzled with tahini

Meal 2 // 2:30pm // leftover beef roast, sauteed swiss chard, ½ avocado, honeydew melon

Meal 3 // 6:45pm // 2 chicken sausage, steam/sauteed cabbage in ghee, mashed carrots with drizzled tahini

Snack // 11:30pm // small bits of leftover beef roast, few bites of apple with tahini

I wasn’t necessarily hungry at the time that I ate meal 3 but I was heading out to a concert and knew I would get hungry before I made it back home. I had been standing for about 4 hours straight and so I thought I should have a snack before going to bed as not to get hungry in the middle of the night.



Meal 1 // 9:15am // Salmon and egg scramble and ½ avocado

Workout // 10:15-11:45 // Sweat yoga

Meal 2 // I honestly forgot to write it down and now I don’t remember (oops) I think it was probably eggs and leftovers

Meal 3 // 8:30pm // Restaurant – brussel sprouts with bacon, shrimp cocktail, bunless burger with bacon over salad greens



Meal 1 // 6am // small portion ginger orange chicken, ½ avocado

Snack // 10:30am // ½

Workout // 10:45-12pm // lifting

Meal 2 // 1:30pm // ginger orange chicken (http://girlwiththehipsterglasses.com/?p=1017) topped with sesame seeds, green onions and cashews over cauli-rice, sweet potato fries

Meal 3 // 6:30pm // random bowl of applegate organic hotdog, steam sauteed cabbage, 2 scrambled eggs and ½ avocado

I had a large dinner and didn’t get much rest last night so I just had a small breakfast. I did get a bit hungry right before my workout so I had a bite of my protein bar to get my through the workout.



Meal 1 // 7:30am // lamb curry chili, ½ avocado

Workout // 9:45-12:30 // 4 mile run to Ruyon canyon for hiking

Meal 2 // 1:30pm // random bowl of 2 applegate organic hot dogs, 2 scrambled eggs, and cabbage , carrot and sweet potato fries with tahini

Snack // 5:45 // ½ banana with tahini and cashews

Meal 3 // 7:30pm // Czech meatballs (Well Fed cookbook) over cauli-rice ½ of banana, warmed with cinnamon



Meal 1 // 10:30am // 2 homemade chicken sausage, 2 scrambled eggs, steamed broccoli with ghee

Meal 2 // 2:30pm //  ½ avocado, 3 leftover czech meatballs, carrot fries with tahini  

Workout // 4:30- 7 double yoga session (Flow followed by Restore)

Meal 3 // Slow Cooked Korean Short Ribs





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