Whole30 Journal Week 4



8-9am // gym workout ( HIIT Training)

9:30am // Lamb Stew, ½ avocado, roasted sweet potatoes

3pm // chicken stew with apricots and almonds

8-9pm // Sculpt yoga

9:30pm // Beef kofte, side salad with artichokes and olives



8-9 // gym workout (25 min. machine cardio, few tabata strength rounds)

9:30am // lamb stew, roasted sweet potatoes, apple

2pm // leftover chicken stew with apricots and almonds

6:30-7:45pm // Flow yoga

8:30pm // —



6-7:30am // 2.5 mile run to Sculpt yoga

8am // plantain chips

9am // 2 egg scramble with spinach, 2 Applegate Organic beef hot dogs, ½ avocado, more plantain chips with tahini

3pm // lamb stew, ½ avocado, broccoli, plantain chips

8:30pm // (Not hungry, did too much snacking out of boredom) 1 Applegate hot dog, plantain chips (I can’t have these in the house anymore), parsnip fries, ½ apple, pumpkin seeds



10:30-11:45am // Sweat yoga

1pm // 2 eggs scramble with onions and cherry tomatoes, side of roasted sweet potatoes, and 2 homemade sausage

7pm // Cod piccata, tomato and spinach salad, Caramelized Onion Soup



6:30am // Breakfast scramble with 2 eggs, ground beef, cherry tomatoes, olives, and spinach, ½ avocado

12:15pm // Lamb Stuffed Bell Pepper, steamed broccoli with ghee, 1/2 avocado, small Fuji Apple

5:15-6:15 // Flow yoga

6:30pm // 2 egg scramble with Applegate Organics hot dogs, ½ avocado

Midnight // 2 slices bacon, pumpkin seeds, leftover caramelized onion soup



8:50-10:45am // 5.3 mile run to “Chill” yoga

12:00pm // roasted sweet potatoes, Applegate hot dog (to refuel post workout and hold me over for bigger lunch)

1:00pm // Butter chicken over mint cauliflower rice

7:00pm // Cod piccata, salad with olives and tomatoes, caramelized onion soup



9:30am // 2 scrambled eggs, broccoli,

11:30-1:30 // 2.5 mile run to yoga

2pm // Brunch at Restaurant // Steak and scrambled eggs with side of breakfast potatoes

6:30pm // Sardines, roasted brussel sprouts, ½ avocado, over greens and drizzled with olive oil

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