Winter Workout

We’re technically not in the winter season yet, but we can all agree we might as well be. The temperature has dropped significantly and our instincts to hibernate for a while have definitely kicked in. But winter doesn’t have to signal the end of the good exercising habits that we’ve picked up over the summer. Winter can be just as much of a perfect season to workout in than any other. If you’ve still got that burning desire to keep fit, then try this killer winter workout.

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For this workout, we’re going to utilise nature to keep us going. It might be a hell of a lot colder, but there’s something about being out in the crisp fresh air that makes you feel so good after a bit of exercise. The main thing to remember here however is you need to keep warm. It is so easy to pull muscles when you’re exerting yourself in such cold temperatures. So we’ll run you through a good warm up shortly. First, you’re going to need some equipment. Just running around can be a little boring, so this killer workout is going to mix things up a little. If you don’t already have one, you’re going to need to purchase a road bike. They’re not that expensive and once you get a feel for biking, they’ll come in handy. You can get the best road bike under 500 if you shop around. Then you’re going to need some running shoes, thermals if you’re going out early in the morning, running leggings, a sports top, and a hoodie if you wish to keep a little warmer. Once you’re set up with all the equipment and clothing, it’s time to get that heart rate pumping. Head to your local park to begin with, or if there’s not one close then utilise your neighbourhood.

Chain your bike up, or if you’re at home leave it in a safe place for a few minutes. Start by doing a two minute slow jog to get the heart rate going. Then move onto a little bit of mild interval training. Follow the pattern of a one minute slow jog, then a one minute fast paced walk. Repeat this three times, but on the third time add on an extra 30 second fast sprint. By then your muscles should have warmed up, so the sprint shouldn’t could any injury. Stretch out every muscle using this stretching guide. It is so important you follow it properly as you really don’t want to cause any damage. Now onto the workout.

Hop on your bike and get a gentle rhythm going. Then we’re going to apply interval training to the road bike. Two minutes at a relatively fast pace, one minute at a sprint styled space, one minute relaxed paced. Repeat this five times. If you can, try and create your own circuit so that you always end up close to where you originally started. After that, hop off your bike and follow the same principle but for running. If it gets too hard, drop the sprint to a jog.

Make sure you stretch out again using the same guide to prevent injury.

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